Descrizione: BROADBAND MAGIK 4 PORTE 10/100 DHCP 91B24000133
Codice: 91B24XXXXXX
Marca: 117


- Connects to 10/100M Broadband (cable or DSL) modem or Ethernet backbone for internet Surfing.

- Multiple WAN connection type: Static IP (NAT/routing mode), DHCP client (e.g. cable modem), PPPiE (e.g. Dial-up ADSL service) and PPP.

- Support PPP (e.g. V90/ISDN modem) dial-up.

- Equipped with a 4-port 10/100M switched Hub for LAN users.

- DHCP Server/DNS proxy support (can save an extra PC/Server in LAN).

- Simultaneosly act as both DHCP serverin the LAN and a DHCP Client in the WAN for most easy application.

- Connects multiple LAN PCs to the internet with only one dynamic-assigned IP address (NAT mide) ir a range of legal IP address (NAT/Routing mode).

- Web-based configuring.

- allow/deny remote administration through 2wan connection by Wen broswer.

- Support Telnet / Console administration from a networked computer in LAN.

- Firewall capability to protect LAN PCs from outside intruder access/attack.

- Virtual server (port forwarding)fuction.

- DMZ (De-Militarized Zone) Host.

- Multi DMZ Hist support

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